Kale Chips

2 bunches kale (green kale works great)
3 lemons
Sea salt to taste (finely ground)

Optional: Try a few cloves crushed garlic, black pepper, cayenne pepper, or even ginger—any one of these, any combo, or even all of them. Be creative and add other herbs and spices that appeal to you.

Step 1) Turn your oven on, but as low as you can (you need to aim to keep it under 118 degrees to keep them raw), some ovens work like this and some don’t. If this doesn’t work for you, go and get a dehydrator—until then you can turn the heat up a bit, but if you do they won’t be a part of your daily raw.

Step 2) Cut your kale to desired size (or leave whole for extra large chips), in separate bowl, mix juiced lemons with all other ingredients except sea salt, completely coat the kale in this dressing, then place dressed kale on oven rack or even cookie sheet, this is when you sea salt to taste and then “bake” them for a bit. This is the art to it all. Ideally, you want to dehydrate them, not cook them. Depending on the temperature you settle on and the type and seasonality of the kale, you might need anywhere from a few minutes to several hours or even more.

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