Ice Cream

The basis of this “ice cream” is banana. By itself, banana makes a creamy and decadent treat. With some imagination, this ice cream can satisfy any sweet, smooth, crunchy, or salty desire that you may have. Truly, you can add anything to this treat that your heart desires.


2 Bananas
Any other fruits of your choosing (optional)
Seeds, nuts, raw dark chocolate bits, nut butter (optional)

For this recipe I added:

4 Strawberries
½ Mango

Step 1) Cut your fruit into similarly sized pieces and freeze for a few hours.

Step 2) When you’re ready to enjoy, blend/food process your frozen fruit. A food processor or Vitamix works best.

Step 3) If you’re adding seeds, nuts, chocolate, or nut butters, there is no need to freeze them with the fruit. Stir them in after your frozen fruit is blended.

If you like your ice cream softer you can eat it right away. For a more solid treat, put it in the freezer for an additional 30 minutes or longer. Enjoy!


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