Should I get a flu vaccination?

Hi Dr. Pesek!

I was hoping to get your opinion on the flu vaccination... I haven't had one in a few years as I started to become more aware of holistic approaches. I haven't had the flu in that time, even when my husband had it horribly last year, I felt completely fine. My concern this year is that I am pregnant and some people say that a pregnant woman's immune system is weakened and to get the flu shot or else I would be putting my baby in danger. Well I feel I would be putting it in danger by GETTING the shot, hearing things like miscarriage..obviously being a huge concern. I am only 14 weeks. Thank you so much


Because of the forum, I cannot offer personal medical advice. Having said that, in general conversation, I routinely tell people to avoid vaccinations like the plague. As a physician, I would tell you to carefully consider all of your decisions with risks and benefits considerations in discussion with your trusted healthcare providers. In my opinion, with regard to vaccinations, there are a lot of risks for very little benefit. These risks are very well documented. As a father, I would tell you that my children are most certainly not vaccinated with much well documented research feeding into this decision making process.

Do your research too, and hopefully you will make the right decision for you and your family. For more in-depth information, start your research at Vaxxed.

Hope that helps and be very well,

Dr. Todd