How often should I get a mammogram?


Breast cancer is an epidemic in this country, and while it stands true that this disease is a major health threat, the breast cancer survival rate is on the rise. As with any cancer, there are ways we can individually take preventive steps to their avoidance. The five following points bring us closer to a breast cancer-free self and optimal health:

Eat a Superfoods, or 'plant-based' diet- A diet that is plant-based, nutrient dense, calorie sparse, and health empowering is also known as a 'superfoods' diet. The 'superfoods' diet and lifestyle is the most effective way to eliminate toxins, reduce inflammation, and alkalize our bodies, in turn decreasing our chances of a cancer diagnosis. This, of course, includes lots of pure water too!

Optimize Vitamin D levels- Get your Vitamin D level checked. Studies have shown that Vitamin D levels that are at least 60 ng/ml can reduce the risk of breast cancer by approximately 80% and all cancers across the board by approximately 70%.
Smart Supplementation- It is necessary to be wise about supplementation in conjunction with a healthy diet given the modern lifestyle in context of depleted soils, toxic burdens, and an unfortunate movement away from nature and our ancestral diets.  To learn more about smart supplementation and what supplements we need, please read on here….. (link to the supplements stuff),

Exercise, Move, Meditate- We need to get up and move for at least an hour a day. Regular physical movement of any kind can decrease the risk of breast cancer up to 40%! Wow! Just as importantly, though, we need to slow the mind down, de-stress, and meditate. A one hour walk in the woods alone is the perfect way to calm the mind while moving the body. Give your mind a chance to be away from the chatter of the outside world.

Thermology- Thermology is a form of diagnostic imaging based on infrared heat emissions from specific regions in the body. Unlike mammography, thermology is a non-invasive, non-radiative, and comfortable procedure. The problem with mammography is that it smashes and irradiates the breast, and for most women, it is an extremely uncomfortable, painful procedure. Thermology is recommended annually for our female patients over the age of 30, along with a monthly self-examination.

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