How can I boost my metabolism?


Eat a pepper!

Hot peppers are a thermogenic superfood.

Their heat actually speeds up your metabolism. The hot stuff in these red-hot goodies is known as capsaicin. Capsaicin has a multitude of health empowering effects including reduction of levels of substance P in ones body. This is crucially important since substance P is the physiologic compound that triggers inflammation and pain. It has also been associated with the regulation of mood disorders, anxiety, stress, respiratory rhythm, and nausea.

While eating red-hot peppers might well burn your tongue, they can cool aches and pains through the interruption of pain perceptions elsewhere in your body. This occurs when Capsaicin triggers the body’s release of endorphins which are produced by the pituitary and hypothalamous glands in response to pain, exercise, excitement, arousal, and pepper eating. They resemble opiates (like morphine) in their physiologic action and abilities to reduce perceptions of pain and promote feelings of well-being.

Red-hot peppers also contain salicylates, like the willow, which is where aspirin originates. All that goodness and they are chock-full of vitamins, minerals, and beneficial plant pigments.

Go ahead, add a little more spice to your next dish.