Does taking Maca become something one would be dependent on?

Hi Dr. Todd! I have been reading a great deal about Maca in your book and on the Internet. It sounds like a great supplement. It does things that almost anyone would want as a benefit; increased energy, hormone balancing, anti inflammatory etc. When I read the label it suggests taking 3-4 pills more than once a day. When you begin to take this many pills, what do you feel like when you stop taking them? Do you feel such a great increase in energy that you would notice the difference if you don't take them....then leading you to go back to taking them to feel good? Hope that is not too confusing! Thanks so much for all you do!!


Dear Christine,

The beauty of MACA is that it is a completely habit-free adaptogen.  MACA is a root grown at very high altitudes in Peru.  It gives you stoke in a purely  non-habit forming way.  My business associate gives it to her sons to help support their focus with heavy college loads.  Lots of my friends take MACA to support them in sport activities.  I encourage many of my patients take MACA for hormone balance and support.  MACA has multiple benefits.

Take MACA. I think you'll really appreciate the sense of well-being it gives you.  You can take it daily.  Or, not.  It's totally safe.  In fact, it's awesome.

Be Well,

Dr. Todd