Matcha Green Tea Supplement

This ceremonial green tea comes from the careful harvesting methods of the finest leaves grown in Uji, Japan. Our Matcha is green tea, MAGNIFIED!

With 200 times the antioxidant levels of normal green tea, this is a greener than green Superfood. Prepare as a ceremonial tea or mix with other beverages-serve it warm or serve it cold, your choice!

Matcha boosts energy levels without the crazy over-stimulating effects of coffee. It is also gentle on your tummy and gastrointestinal system.

Matcha provides trace minerals, vitamins, and theanine. Theanine increases the alpha wave activities in the brain, creating a feeling of relaxation, ease, and sustained ability to focus.

Awaken your connection to the rhythm of life with our special Matcha tea.

Matcha Green Tea Supplement Background


Energizer, Powerful Antioxidant, Healthy Skin

Price: $39.95

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