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Maca Product Details

Maca, Lepidium peruvianum Chacón, grows in the pure mountainous climate of the Andean highlands of Peru. Our indigenous healing partners indicate their ancestry have used Maca as a healing herb for millennia.

Maca promotes physical strength and endurance, and helps you focus clearly. A superior adaptogen, Maca helps the body better handle all forms of stress by stabilizing and enhancing the body’s systems. Maca’s hormone balancing properties address several PMS and menopausal symptoms. And, Maca is nutritionally beneficial– rich in fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and many other nutrients.

Maca has been noted to provide thyroid support, as well as antioxidants to protect cells against daily environmental stressors.

Maca brings you back into balance and can provide clarity, health, increased libido, zest, and wellness.

Maca, which comes from Lepidium peruvianum Chacón, is a cruciferous plant native to Peru. It grows in the pure mountainous climate of the Andean highlands, and is harvested once a year for the roots, which are dried and can be stored well for years.

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Further, if you are pregnant health eating is most certainly advised, but rapid/drastic changes are not and you should work with your personal healthcare provider at tailoring a program just for you!

Maca Background

Indigenous Uses and Daily Balance

Indigenous healers indicate that Maca is an aphrodisiac and has an important role in the dynamic interactions of physical, mental, and reproductive/sexual energy and has been used as such since before the era of the Inca Empire. To achieve and maintain a sense of balance in one’s life is the key to preventing disease and suffering. The general facets of balance are mental clarity, physical strength and stamina, and spiritual connection. This includes harmony with the world around you. Maca enhances the ability for a person to excel in these areas and more effectively function in daily life.

On a physical level, Maca, used by indigenous cultures for physical stamina before athletic events, increases not only a persons’ desire for physical activity, but the ability to accomplish it as well. What this means to you is more energy for working hard, and, of course, playing harder. “Maca is also given to school children during exams to assure good test scores” (Smith, 2).

Dealing with Stress

We have found that Maca is an excellent adaptogen, helping to balance the body’s systems under physical and emotional stress. Adaptogens can increase resistance to varied types of external stressors-which are different for each of us. “L. peruvianum refurbishes the impairment caused by restraint stress, restoring to its normal state adrenal-dependent parameters such as the corticosterone level…and the size of the adrenal glands. It also prevents gastric ulcers from developing” (Lopez-Fando, et al., 473).

This in turn has a positive effect on hormonal balance, blood sugar fluctuations, libido and mental clarity.

Sexual and Reproductive Health

Maca has shown remarkable promise in study after study to work with your body’s unique chemistry to help improve sexual function and fertility. A research team reported “within two weeks of taking [Maca], the number of sperm in test subjects increased from 87 million to 183 million sperm” (Plant Science, 505). “Maca administered orally in tablets during 12 weeks had a beneficial effect on subjective sexual desire in healthy adult men…[the] results demonstrate the effect of Maca on healthy men is noticeable since 60 days of treatment” (Gonzales, et al., 370). The same properties that make it so attractive for men who may be feeling the effects of aging make it appropriate for women who need hormonal balance as well. “Maca is often eaten by Peruvian women who want to get pregnant… [and it] is also valued by Indian women for relief in menopause symptoms” (Smith, 2). The advanced nutritional makeup of Maca allows the herb to stimulate hormonal balance and, by extension, optimal wellness. These properties can help decrease cramping and mood changes associated with PMS.


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