This is well worth the effort. Get in the habit of making it once a week or so. You can mix it up as needed and in response to seasonality. The important part is the regularity, proportionality and diversity inclusive of the parsley, cilantro, seaweed and mushrooms. 

For every 2 gallons of pure water add:

Salicornia & Seaweed Salad

Salicornia & Seaweed Salad Superfoods Scrumptiousness - yum. You have got to check these out: Sea Beans AKA Salicornia -- talk about oceanic goodness! My seaweed surprise salad is a mix of wakame, agar, sugnori, tsunomata and mafunori tossed with a bit of sesame oil, aforementioned sea beans and black pepper. With seaweed salad always think sesame (seeds and/or oil) and fresh black pepper as they meld magically together.