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Sculpture of man and tiger lounging by natural spring in forest, China

Hey, I have a good idea, how about we grab our gear and spend the day outdoors?! We can study, work and create just as easily out there as we can in here. And, there’s plenty of great Superfood snacks for us to pack up. The weather is warming, days are longer—let’s get out there, NOW!

Home garden with rows of veggies

GREAT! Me, too. Some of us just have a natural draw to homesteading. Others just want to check out the concept and see how it fits in their lifestyle. What's beautiful about homesteading is that you can dabble or go GONZO! From my experience, most dabblers quickly migrate to GONZO once they open their first jar of homemade jam. Wherever you are on the path, I hope these tips help you out.