Enjoy the Bounty of Summer with Laughter and Glee

Boy… that went fast!  Feels like summer flew by. Fortunately, summer harvest is in full swing with Superfood tomatoes, melons, figs, strawberries, and other treats from your garden and local Farmer’s Market. How nice that nature provides us with the fuel to savor the end of what I hope was a super healthy, and FUN, summer for you.

I’m already noticing some hints of autumn with changing leaves and waning sunlight. This means a new bounty including hearty greens, squash, legumes, apples, and pears. After the warmth of summer, the changing season is a perfect time to load up on detoxifying greens to ramp up your immune system.

Maintain your summer radiance by treating yourself to morning sunlight, plenty of fresh water and, as always, AVOID processed foods and refined sugar. Don’t give up on that outdoor exercise you’ve been enjoying all summer—there’s still plenty of warmth from the earth to play outside in.

Soon enough our bodies will use the upcoming seasons as a time for regeneration and reflection. Stay in tune with the foods your seasonal body craves. Nature knows exactly how to provide for our rhythmic Superfoods needs. NOW is a great time to start a mindfulness practice—including daily reflection of all the things you are grateful for.

And, have a good laugh at every opportunity. It keeps our belly’s tones and our Qi high!

Be well-

Dr. Todd