So, you want to homestead?

GREAT! Me, too. Some of us just have a natural draw to homesteading. Others just want to check out the concept and see how it fits in their lifestyle. What's beautiful about homesteading is that you can dabble or go GONZO! From my experience, most dabblers quickly migrate to GONZO once they open their first jar of homemade jam. Wherever you are on the path, I hope these tips help you out.

What is homesteading?

The history and culture of homesteading.  

If you're into Wikipedia, here's their definition of homesteading.  

The name says it all:

Here's an indepth piece about how to start a 1 acre self sufficient homestead. The comments in this one prove valuable too. 

Getting Started

12 Fail proof crops for beginners

Lawns use loads of water and chemicals, here's how to remove your lawn and grow more food.  

No yard? No worries! Here are some quick and dirty tips for balcony gardening.  

The least expensive way to grow food is from seed. Here are tips for seed shopping.  

Some seeds can be plugged directly into the ground, but some need a little finesse. Here's a great video about how to start seeds.  

Urban Gardening

The go to resource for all urban gardening:

Not ready to move to the country and start a self sustaining homestead, or even pull up your lawn to plant veggies? That's ok! Start small with herbs in a raised bed.  

With all the tools, soil, seeds, plants and other "stuff" you need to grow, it's still possible to create and grow a frugal urban garden.  

Plant It In The Ground

So you've gotten your land and are ready to start growing your own Superfoods! You'll need to know how to prepare land for planting.  

The right tools make all the difference when getting down and dirty.  

5 Tips for a bountiful, water-saving vegetable garden in a time of drought (or anytime). 

If health starts in the home than healhty, nutrient-dense, plants start in healthy soil.   

Preserve Your Harvest

If you've grown heirloom and organic plants, then you should definietly be able to save seeds for next years growing season.

You can enjoy the fruits of your labor all year round if you know how to harvest and preserve.  

The Self-Sufficient Home

If you do it right you can have it all - sweet treats, healthy plants, and save the bees! How to keep bees.  

Ready to get off the grid? Here are 3 Ways to generate electricity at home.  

Don't let all that organic waste go to waste! Put it to work growing healthier plants by breaking it down into compost

Worm castings will take your plants to a whole new level, plus you can do it in your kitchen or garage (no it doesn't stink). Vermicomosting (with worms!).

Make it last, wear it out, make it do, or do without. 

Eventually the growing season comes to an end for the year and you should make sure your tools will last as long as you! 

Please let me know what has worked for you and share in the comments.
The journey is so much more fun, together!

Dr. Todd