April Tip: Springing Forth!

Spring is here and just as the adage, “April showers bring May flowers” holds true with regard to our wildflowers springing forth, so too is it relevant with regard to spring colds and other challenges to our immune systems. These challenges can hinder an optimal springing forth into warmer months, but only if you let them!

Our bodies do not do well with transitions and winter to spring is a big, wet one! One must take care to always support one’s immune system with a bit of extra effort through these transition times. The cornerstones to immune system support include: hydration, regular exercise, meditation and time in nature, adequate sleep, and of course, Superfoods. A bit of extra vitamin D, C, zinc, iodine, and probiotics are a good idea as well. A few of my favorite foods and herbs this time of year are: Maitake, Chocolate (raw of course!), and Cat’s Claw.

Maitake mushrooms contain certain types of polysaccharides, called beta-glucans. Beta-glucans are believed to stimulate the immune system and activate cells and proteins that attack cancer, including natural killer cells, macrophages and T-cells—all that and they are quite delicious!

Chocolate, which you think would need little explanation, is made from the fermented, dried seeds (which grow in a pod) of a tree that grows in the rainforest and is full of health rejuvenating benefits! It supports healthful blood pressure, healthful aging and mood, and a healthful immune system response. It also increases alertness and awareness. Go with the raw or dark chocolates here.

Cat’s Claw, a woody vine native to much of the neotropics, has been used for centuries by indigenous healers to support the immune system and to help the body detoxify. It is an excellent and gentle bowel cleanser and the potent antioxidants in Cat’s Claw can ease the effects of aging and environmental damage on your body. (Note: Do not use cat’s claw if you are pregnant or if you are trying to get pregnant.)

So, along with the cornerstones to immune system support, try a few new Superfoods and give yourself that extra little boost your body is looking for through these cold, wet times so that you may spring forth full of vitality!

Be well,
Dr. Todd