The Search for Superfoods and Superwaves

Yum! Check this out. The girls and I fell in love with a little local, veggie, organic diner called the “Beet Box Café” in Haleiwa on the North Shore, Hawaii.  It has been the best food we have had since leaving our own kitchen.

The Beet Box, run by a bunch of radiantly beautiful woman sharing their love through food, is situated inside Celestial Natural Foods. I love the fact that the owner, Marlys, is preparing and serving food along with the rest of them. They focus on serving you only the best, most healthful food on the North Shore with love and intention.  They use organic produce and grains and support their local farms. As her grandmother, Mickey, used to say: “Your Health is Your Wealth.” As you all know, I completely concur, so do Eat Yourself Super at the Beet Box, it has my highest recommendation. They have an array of nutritious and delicious Superfoods ranging from raw organic smoothies to raw organic veggy juice, acai bowls and all kinds of bomb dishes including the few that we sampled after a long day on the road.

We got the RAW’R salad, a mix of greens topped with red onion, cucumber, tomato, papaya, avocado, and sunflower seeds served with a scoop of raw nut pate and raw crackers. We tried a few other dishes as well including the THREE LITTLE BIRDS and the HEALTHY PLATE OF FOOD. On whole, the café was off the hook yum. All that AND you get to kiss the cook. We will be going back!

After meditatively munching (more like chowing down!) at the Beet Box, we went to our destination for the next few days. Malaekahana State Park where we stayed in a grass hut on the beach. It’s a good thing we had the grass hut as we were out in a good rain for a few hours. Our campsite was exquisite and clearly the hangout for locals, surfers, and Superfoods families from around the planet. As far as festivities, you name it, from surfing the amazing shore break there to sea turtles, fire stick dancing, Superfoods and drink, bonfires and fun into the night. There was fun to be had by all ages. It was a blast. Getting off the beaten path and camping in particular is an amazing way to meet the locals. Turns out everyone knows about Malaekahana, in fact, I told the crew at the Beet Box where we were headed and they said it was great there. Right on!

We are off for a day of fun then tomorrow we head to the Bonsai Pipeline. To get a feel, check this out: Bonsai Pipeline Video.