Aloha Superfoods Oahu

Aloha, we are here!

First things first, after that long flight we decided to run up a mountain. The Ka'iwa Ridge Trail is a great way to have a look around and stretch the legs after a long flight. Add to that the fresh air and amazing views of Lanikai, Kailua and the windward side and we are sold. Then we are down for a bit of Superfoods and off to the beach.

Check out this awesome Superfoods local chocolate find, Madre Chocolate that I came upon at a local open air market. I love the logo which is an actual Maya hieroglyph. If you technically parse it out: (cacao pods) ka:wa to imply ka ka wa. Yum. We are now off to camp on the north shore at Malaekahana State Park for a bit and then check out a few farms in the region. Keep you posted.

Northward! Dr. Todd