3 Rules for Finding Superfoods While Traveling

I am currently traveling on my annual Superfoods search through sunny southern California to culminate on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu. The plan is to start out at Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, California (Natural Products Expo West continues to be the leading trade show in the natural, organic and healthy products industry and there are a lot of innovative Superfoods finds to be had there) and then I will move on to an exciting itinerary of visits to friends, family and farms across southern California and then Oahu. Stay tuned for more exciting posts from along the Superfoods trail. 

I am often asked how it is that I eat healthfully while traveling. Granted, it is a bit more of a challenge than when you have your entire kitchen at your disposal, however, with a few simple tricks it becomes just as easy on the road.

Rule One: Don’t eat out all the time, get your food from the local grocery stores, farmers markets and even farms—that way you can meet the growers themselves and have a few adventures along the way. 

Rule Two: Get out and meet the locals. Real people, they know where to find the good stuff.

Rule Three: Don’t be afraid to skip a meal. You won’t shrivel up and blow away. Oftentimes, on the road, I will have a few pieces of fruit in the morning and that will hold me over until later that day when I eat a more substantive meal. In fact, that is exactly what I did today. I started off my morning with about a liter of water and two Sumo Mandarins. Then I made up some of my Matcha and sipped that for a few hours. I munched on sprouted pumpkin seeds here and there and drank a green juice comprised of celery, parsley, green apples, cucumber, kale and ginger. And, for dinner I grabbed a box of organic spring greens, lemons, onion and avocado then whipped up a quick guacamole salad and topped them with fresh lemon juice and two of my favorite Superfoods finds from ExpoWest. All together we found about 90 new finds and two of my top favorites are Alive and Radiant Kale Chips and Living Intentions Sprouted Nut Mixes.

Alive and Radiant Foods: Founder and Chef, Penny Ann “Blessing” Horowytz has put together an amazing culinary ensemble of dehydrated greens chips including Arugula Cabbage, Teriyaki Greens, and an array of Kale Krunch flavors including Tarragon Dijon, Hibiscus & Pink Peppercorn and Cheezy. Yum!  Do be sure to check her stuff out. In particular, she has a Spicy Superfoods Kale Chip that is one of the best kale chips ever. And, Josh McHugh the founder of Living Intentions is busy with innovations, here you see one of their new products which is a spicy cocktail blend. All his products are raw, soaked, sprouted AND delicious. Stay tuned.