Wild Mushroom & Heirloom Bean Sprouted Super Stew

As we move into the time of snow, ice and cold in our neck of the woods, we take care to observe the bountiful opportunities for deep introspection that this time brings. Be sure to reflect inward and slow down for careful observation of your dreams, intuitions, our grand cosmic cycles in life, and the majesty of nature all around us.

It is the perfect time for a nice warming dish.  One of my favorites—accompanied by the warm glow of a hearth fire…. is “Wild Mushroom & Heirloom Bean Sprouted Super Stew. Yum. There are five different wild mushrooms (one must support the immune system) in this stew, including: chanterelle, maitake, truffle, lobster, and russula. There are also ten different sprouted heirloom beans all lightly steam sautéed with a multitude of winter veggies from our front yard garden: escarole, kale, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, carrot, celery (yep, still growing strong), garlic, onion and a bunch of herbs and spices. Do check out our front yard kale, it tastes better in the cold. Serve all this yumminess with a nice salad….if you can find one in these cold months. Which reminds me, stay tuned for the construction of a hoop house.... Now it is on to the stew after a few hours of Tai Chi and then a three hour hike in the woods with my wonderful girls. Stay warm!